How much does a website cost?

How much does a website cost?…it’s a question we are often asked, but one that’s difficult to answer due to the many variables that can affect the price.

  • Do you have an existing identity, brand or style in place?
  • Do you require a purely brochure style site to give you the online presence in order to present your products or services and reassure potential customers?
  • Do you require the site to act as your main marketing drive, that will sell or generate leads?
  • Is there any functionality that is required, such as booking forms, or sales check outs, or are there specific third-party integrations?
  • Not to mention how big is the site, is there an existing site map or specific user journey already mapped, and how many pages are required?

Our success comes from listening and interpreting your unique requirements. Every business is unique, so every website that we create is tailored to your individual needs. In order to provide an estimate for your website that’s fit for your specific purpose, it is essential we establish the answers to these and other questions. This is the only way we can answer the question of “How much does a website cost?”. We can then ensure we are quoting on a website that will provide you with the best ROI, deliver results, and help your business gain a competitive edge. That is why we have developed  a comprehensive online briefing sheet. Once completed and your specific needs are understood, we can then advise on the best route forward and provide an estimate on the work involved. 

How much does a website cost? What if I have a limited budget?

Having worked closely with organisations of all sizes, we are well aware that what may be right for one company isn’t always right for another. Our websites are built from scratch, designed by top designers, built by expert developers and strategised by SEO savvy content advisors, but it maybe that your business does not have to go that far to create an online presence that is adequate for your needs. There are lots of companies that offer off-the-shelf templated designs, or online builders that can help you create your own website. Whilst these vary in terms of the level of professionalism and sophistication, in the right hands, some maybe sufficient to create a basic online presence that’s adequate for your immediate needs or current budget.

What website builder do you recommend?

Our particular favourite is Squarespace – you may have seen this advertised on UK TV by Idris Elba. Their software allows users to access pre-built website templates and drag-and-drop elements to create and modify web pages. As with anything you get what you pay for, and these type of sites will never be at the level that could be attained by building a bespoke and truly unique site from scratch. Whilst certain functionality can also be added, it is limited and the more specific you want your site to look or perform certain functions the less likely this route will be for you. Ownership is also another consideration. As with any website template builder, a Squarespace site sits on their platform and uses their software to build it, so its never yours to keep and can’t be transferred elsewhere. Think of it as an indefinite rolling rental, where you pay a monthly subscription fee to Squarespace for the use of their software and hosting. As long as the limitations are understood, for start-ups or businesses with a limited budget this route may well be all you need.      

How can I make a web template site look as good as it can be?

Whilst in theory these can then be built by anyone without any design or coding experience, in practice, without these skillsets these sites can look unsophisticated and generic. In the right hands however, with a designers eye and a coders expertise they can be modified to look slick and professional, adapted to be less generic and align with your existing brand. For a one-off fee Treefrog can build a site for you using on the Squarespace platform, you then simply continue to pay your monthly subscription direct to Squarespace. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements, we will then be able to advise if this route could work for you and be sufficient for you current needs.


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Paul Breading

This post was written by Paul...

Director (WordPress, Development, SEO & Digital marketing specialist)

Paul offers an extensive range of skills and knowledge with all things digital. In his role as digital lead Paul provides cutting edge website development skills combined with a wealth of experience with SEO, (both on-page and PPC) and is responsible for the development and management of digital marketing strategies and campaigns for both national and international organisations.

Paul Breading

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Since graduating in the late 80’s Phill gathered a wealth of experience working in London and Surrey before co-founding Treefrog in 2000. During his extensive career he has been responsible for the creation, development and support for numerous brands. His ability to understand and interpret client requirements coupled with a pragmatic approach and a keen eye for detail enable him demonstrate empathy with a company’s values, and deliver solutions that have been universally accepted across the globe.