Creating the right first impression.

First impressions count, wrong impressions last, and there are no second chances. Your logo has a primary role in the representation of your company, so getting it right first time is vital.

It’s a jungle out there, and for any business the only thing that may distinguish you from your competitors is your image. Your identity is not just a visual representation of your business name, but should embody the identity of your company, its personality and reputation not only to your potential customers, but your current or future staff and potential partnerships.

Your logo needs to work hard, and may be required for any number of purposes including print, signage, and online media. It’s therefore essential that careful consideration needs to be given to all possible uses, ensuring a consistency is achieved across different processes and requirements. Using a trusted and experienced design agency with the right knowledge and expertise will ensure your logo design will reproduce correctly and meet the demands of all media and ensure your business looks truly awesome.

If you have no strong opinions – don’t worry, if the designer has understood your company and your brief correctly they will be more than happy to propose ideas and directions for you, don’t be afraid to leave it to them, they are the experts. Remember creating a logo is not necessarily about creating a logo that you like but rather crating something that is right for your business – a logo that truly embodies your company and presents itself in the correct way. Of course at treefrog, we always try to achieve both.

Finally, if the proposed designs don’t hit the spot, don’t worry, don’t be afraid to say so, but try to be constructive. Perhaps there are certain aspects that they can mix and match. There may be colours or fonts that you can work with?

Ultimately, the designer will need to understand which route they need to take so that you are happy with the end result. An effective design process is really all about clear communication from start to finish. The better your communication the better the final outcome, so keep talking to your design team.

How we can help your business create the right and lasting impression?

Treefrog have a wealth of experience creating identities for companies of all shapes and sizes. We can bring your business to life with a mix of analytical thinking and creative flair that helps you connect with your customers through print, web and a cohesive digital strategy.

Get in touch to find out more about our identity and branding service and how we can help your business grow and help your brand gain a competitive edge.


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Paul Breading

This post was written by Paul...

Director (WordPress, Development, SEO & Digital marketing specialist)

Paul offers an extensive range of skills and knowledge with all things digital. In his role as digital lead Paul provides cutting edge website development skills combined with a wealth of experience with SEO, (both on-page and PPC) and is responsible for the development and management of digital marketing strategies and campaigns for both national and international organisations.

Paul Breading

This post was written by Phill...

Director (Branding & Creative)

Since graduating in the late 80’s Phill gathered a wealth of experience working in London and Surrey before co-founding Treefrog in 2000. During his extensive career he has been responsible for the creation, development and support for numerous brands. His ability to understand and interpret client requirements coupled with a pragmatic approach and a keen eye for detail enable him demonstrate empathy with a company’s values, and deliver solutions that have been universally accepted across the globe.