A Surrey design agency, an introduction to Treefrog.

Hello there! Welcome to our blog. We are Treefrog Design, a Surrey design agency operating out of the village of Ripley (just outside of Woking). 

As a limited company we started out all the way back in 2003 – with the rather long winded name of Treefrog Design Associates. A few years in we dropped the ‘Associates’ part of the name and now we are known as Treefrog Design – or by those who work with us and know us best, Treefrog.

We are an all encompassing design agency. A turn of phrase which we have kind of pioneered ourselves in referencing what we do. Basically – it means whether you need branding, a logo, print related items, a website, digital marketing or something else then we are your one stop shop. 

How can you specialise in so many areas? I hear you ask. Well, every team member here at Treefrog has their own speciality roles and are simply experts in their areas. To help keep things simple if you need something design related it is best to call and ask for Phill (who heads up the design and print side of the business) and if you are after something website or digital related, including SEO and advertising then it is best to call and ask for Paul. Both of these wonderfully helpful individuals (even if I do say so myself!) can then best advise. 

A Surrey design agency built on values

We pride ourselves on being flexible and responsive. Where necessary (and possible), we will work around the clock to accommodate your requirements and pull out all the stops to keep you happy. We are well aware that what may be right for one company isn’t always right for another. Each project is tailored to its individual requirements and budget. 

We strive for is to make sure we are a ‘fluff’ free zone. While sometime we need to talk technical we will avoid the use of jargon. If something is also not right for you we will make sure to tell you – and suggest alternatives. The ethos is simple, straightforward design creativity where flair and finesse are not considered value-added extras.

Want to work with us?

If you have a project or even just a question about something potentially in the pipeline please reach out. We would love to talk to you! You can fill our our contact form or simply just call the studio.


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Paul Breading

This post was written by Paul...

Director (WordPress, Development, SEO & Digital marketing specialist)

Paul offers an extensive range of skills and knowledge with all things digital. In his role as digital lead Paul provides cutting edge website development skills combined with a wealth of experience with SEO, (both on-page and PPC) and is responsible for the development and management of digital marketing strategies and campaigns for both national and international organisations.

Paul Breading

This post was written by Phill...

Director (Branding & Creative)

Since graduating in the late 80’s Phill gathered a wealth of experience working in London and Surrey before co-founding Treefrog in 2000. During his extensive career he has been responsible for the creation, development and support for numerous brands. His ability to understand and interpret client requirements coupled with a pragmatic approach and a keen eye for detail enable him demonstrate empathy with a company’s values, and deliver solutions that have been universally accepted across the globe.