Through digital marketing you can unlock the true reach of your business by getting in front of the people who matter the most - your ideal customer.

You wouldn’t have a party without inviting any guests, so why make your website any different? Whether it is ensuring your website can be found with search engine optimisation (SEO), or a creating a social media advertising campaign, we can help!

We cover all your digital marketing needs...

Expertly strategised,
result driven
awesome power.

Websites designed by top designers, built by expert developers and strategised by SEO savvy content advisors, we can take care of everything to give your business the advantage it deserves.

Getting started with digital marketing

Digital marketing can be a minefield of buzzwords, here at Treefrog we want to keep it simple. We have a wealth of experience helping with all aspects of digital marketing - from search engine optimisation, pay-per click advertising and social media management.

Below you can find an overview of expertise we can help with and a brief summary of what that means for you.


We can help get your site to show up in search results such as Google & Bing.


We create adverts that get in front of users searching for your business or product.


We can offer support with maintaining your social media or running adverts to attract new customers.


We can help remind customers of actions they may not have completed on your website, such as buying your product or booking an appointment.


Need to build an email list or send out a promotion to an existing audience? We can help with that.


We can help you to get in front of potential customers and then push them through a sales route that we develop with you.

Or we can create a complete tailored campaign?

Treefrog can be your whole digital marketing team. You set the budget and tell us your goals - we do the rest and report back to you every month.

With our wealth of experience and in-house knowledge, we can engineer and create a complete campaign tailored to meet your exact needs. This all-encompassing approach includes developing a full scale digital marketing plan that delivers results by utilising many methods of targeting. This is then implemented using our proven four step method outlined below:


Market Research

We start with market research to see where the attention of the target customers exists. We then build a target demographic and data management (information on how we will target the audience) that will form the basis of the campaign.


Content Strategy

We produce the ad creative and narratives for the whole campaign. Creating a clear approach with a full library of resources for cross-platform use (such as different social media platforms).


Funnel Development

Using the creatives above, we then develop marketing funnels for the campaign which will channel the potential customer. This may be a landing page or sign up mechanism.


Review & Results

The final step is seeing how the market reacts. We then adjust the campaign to keep things optimised throughout. Also, it is at this stage we create summary reports to show you the results.

Don't just take our word for it...

Don't just take our word for it...

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